About Leenda Lucia



Leenda Lucia is a model, influencer, and entrepreneur with a dynamic and engaging personality, a wonderful sense of humor, and a compassionate heart. She strives to be a source of motivation, and lead by example while helping others around her evolve.

Leenda is of Puerto Rican and Brazilian descent, born and raised in Nashua, New Hampshire. Leenda earned her business degree in 2009 and after college she spent over five years in the financial industry obtaining a wide range of skills including, customer service, accounting, sales, executive administration, and project management.

About eleven years ago, Leenda began modeling part-time, and she wound up discovering one of her truest passions. It was not long before she was booked to work for major photographers, artists, and brands. Since then, she has appeared on multiple magazine covers, traveled internationally, and collaborated with many celebrity creators.

As Leenda was transitioning her career path away from the corporate world, she also became one of leading personalities in the automotive industry, representing primarily the import culture with Import Evolution, Summer Send-Off, and Tuner Evolution to name a few companies. She traveled to multiple cities each week nationwide, building a rock-solid relationship with her fans. Leenda’s fans continue to support her endeavors by consistently purchasing her personal merchandise from her website, as well as the products of the brand sponsors she endorses. Leenda diligently creates daily content to be spread amongst all of her social media platforms. Managing her Youtube, Tik-Tok, Facebook, Instagram (3), Snapchat, Twitter, Onlyfans, and the Official Leenda Lucia website. With Leenda’s personal team, they have managed to reach over 2M impressions across all accounts and growing. Leenda prides herself in building her team from within, and established Leenda Lucia LLC in 2019. She currently has no agency representation or management.

Leenda is passionate about helping brands build their businesses. She leverages her intelligence, creativity, and financial experience to help develop engaging campaigns that are focused on maximizing ROI for her brand sponsors.

She is dedicated to being a role model for men and women of all ages who have had similar challenging childhoods and struggles with mental health. Leenda is a 2x suicide survivor, advocating for suicide awareness amongst other charities close to her heart such as Substance Abuse & Diabetes that Leenda witnessed her loved ones endure throughout the years.

Not only is Leenda Lucia a multi-talented content creator, Leenda has a heart-felt story to be shared with the world and through her relentless mission to motivate and touch as many lives as possible she plans to keep helping others overcome life struggles and encourage the pursuit of their dreams.

“The possibilities are endless”- Leenda Lucia